Constellation Series

DenseLight’s BF9C Constellation Series of Narrow Line Width Lasers allows fiber optic systems to operate at a premium by delivering superior performance.

Features and Performance:

  • Ultra-Narrow Linewidth of < 50 Khz & < 200 Khz
  • Single-longitudinal mode
  • Excellent Typical SMSR 50dB
  • Excellent RIN < -155dB/hz
  • Fiber output power 10mW
  • Wavelength stability, over case temperature range ( +/- 1 C) after 1 hour @ 25 Deg C, to be within ±1pm
  • Robust performance against Telcordia GR-468 environmental temperature variation, vibration and noise
  • Wavelength tunability – BF9C 30pm, BF18 200pm
  • CW or intensity-modulation capability (Analog 20MHz, Digital 200MHz)
  • Typical PER of 18dB (for PMF models)
  • Integrated optical isolator with laser driver and temperature controller
  • Compact form factor design: L120 x W93 x H36.5 mm
  • Over-temperature protection and internal PCB temperature monitor Features
  • Customer Designs and Development available
  • Customize grating for specific wavelength (1260-1670nm)

BF9C Constellations Series Brochure