Dl-cr series

Superluminescence LEDs (GaAs-based SLED)

8-pin BTF

14-pin BTF

8-pin DIL

14-pin DIL


Superluminescent Light Emitting Diode & Modules in 14 pin Butterfly or 14 pin DIL




  • Wavelength from 800nm to 1060nm
  • Optical power up to 10mW pigtailed
  • Wide 3dB spectral bandwidth of up to 65nm
  • Telcordia and ISO9001:2008 certification
  • RoHS Compliance
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affordable gigabit bandwidth fiber-link to homes and business (FTTX), test & measurement for telecom networks


Medical applications
OCT (biopsies-less medical cell imaging, diagnostic imaging), point of use/ hand-helds/ non-invasive diagnosis (blood analysis)


Energy, oil and gas
sensing in gas & oil production, telemetry in electricity distribution


Industrial controls
in-line production process monitoring, 3D metrology and surface metrology, semiconductor fabrication (solar cells), chemical and gas sensing – safety, emission control, security


Environmental sensing
physical (temp, pressure, strain, vibrations), structural and civil engineering, smart structures, intelligent distributed sensing


Defense & security
perimeter defense, navigation and guidance - inertia sensing (gyroscope), infrared illumination for surveillance and speckle-free military imaging


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Packaging Options

DenseLight’s SLEDs come in different packaging options to fit your application needs:

  • 14 pin DIL and Butterfly package
  • 8 pin mini DIL and 8 pin mini Butterfly package available on request
  • Single mode fiber and polarization maintaining fiber available (SMF & PMF)
  • Optional monitoring photodiode
  • FC/APC connectors termination
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Product Table

Center Wavelength (nm) Product Code Min Power (mW) Typ BW FWHM (nm) Typ Spectral Ripple (dB) Package Options Typ Iop (mA)
810 to 840 DL-CR83027A 2 65 0.1 BTF 250
DL-CR83056A 5 55 0.1 BTF 200
DL-CR83104A 10 45 0.15 BTF 350
1020 to 1040* DL-CR10033A 3 35 0.15 BTF 300


* Preliminary specifications. Please contact us for enquiries.

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Telcordia Quality Assured

DenseLight's SLEDs successfully passed Telcordia's GR-468-CORE "Reliability Assurance Requirements for Optoelectronics Devices Used in Telecommunications Equipment"

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