Process Integration Principal Engineer (InP-SiPh)

Process Integration Principal Engineer (InP-SiPh)

Job Objective
  • Implements the HIPP (Hybrid InP-SiPh Photonics Packaging) process capabilities to support company’s DPHI-based optical engine product and business development programs.


Duties and Responsibilities
  • Responsible for engineering implementation of wafer-level HIPP integration process technology and establishing production-ready optical engine OSAT (for InP-SiPh based optical engine products).
  • Contributes to the company DPHI business/product development, and hybrid integration process capability development for DPHI-based optical engine product development programs.
  • Develops and maintains engineering process capabilities of external outsource partners to execute HIPP for both prototyping and production phases. This includes establishing with all outsourcing partners; qualified modular process building blocks, technical specifications, drawings, scope-of-work, test reports and lots-compliance requirements. These processes include, but not limited to: SiPh wafer incoming, InP-die incoming, solder-deposition & lift-off, solder-ball-jetting, ENIG, backgrinding, back-side metalization, stealth-dicing, high precision flip-chip assembly & reflow, and optical engine testing task-coordination.
  • Develops and supports in the optical-engine development teams as per RACI assignments, in the execution of DPHI process definition, process execution, technical analysis, reporting, and documentation.
  • Participates proactively with DenseLight team members on further development of new DPHI roadmap capabilities, processes and engineering advancements, as well as the qualification of developed process/products.


Qualification Guidelines
  • Minimum Education
    • Post-graduate Degree (Master, PhD training in Silicon Photonics, laser optics engineering, semiconductor test/packaging (optoelectronics, MEMS, electronics preferred).
  • Minimum Experience
    • Minimum 10 years’ working experience with technical background in silicon photonics or optoelectronics packaging and test processes, and/or optomechanical assembly and test environment.
    • Proven working experience in packaging design or processes, and program/project management in the manufacturing industry.
  • Specific Knowledge / Skills
    • Possesses strong communication skills and the ability to coordinate cross-functionally with R&D, Quality and Operations,Understanding process validations.
    • Experience using Lean Manufacturing tools.
    • Knowledge of up-to-date production and automation equipment, processes, designs and functions.
    • Knowledge of up-to-date production and automation equipment, processes, designs and functions.



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