DenseLight are invited to present in OIDA Technology Showcase Live event



New Virtual OIDA Technology Showcase
DENSELIGHT, Leading Global Manufacturer of "End to End Platform Agnostic Laser Solution" is in a unique position that delivers value to the customers.


The President and CEO of DenseLight Semiconductors Pte Ltd, Rajan Rajgopal presented the "End to End Platform Agnostic Laser Solution" in the OIDA Technology Showcase virtual conference. The event was hosted by The OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA). It is the first all-virtual Technology Showcase and attended by industry professionals to demonstrate their latest innovations in the photonics solutions worldwide.


DenseLight Semiconductors Pte Ltd, a leading manufacturer provider to the Photonics community provides one-stop design and manufacturing excellence of Optoelectronics devices and integrated photonics solutions.


DenseLight's technology is driving fundamental changes in the way innovative integrated photonics solutions are developed. Our mission is to continue to innovate and enable our customers to deliver cost effective performance.


As the drive for data throughput increases, customers are developing integrated photonics solutions to drive costs down. At the same time, there is a need for components that can continue to be used in traditional direct detect platforms. As customers transition from the current generation to the next, they need a supplier who can maintain consistency of performance across platforms. DenseLight with its own vertically integrated supply chain, that includes MOCVD EPI growth, laser design, InP fab and packaging, in Singapore is in a unique position to deliver lasers to the current popular manufacturing solutions as well as customize these light sources for newer light engine platforms.


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