Gain Chip

DenseLight’s gain chips are designed to provide high optical gain in the C-band & O-band range wavelength range. These devices are designed and fabricated in our wafer fab. These gain chips act as the laser gain source in an external cavity laser system. The gain chip is delivered is available either in chip form or on a sub mount, with high reflectivity (HR) coating on the normal back facet and low reflectivity anti-reflecting (AR) coating on the angled front facet.

With the the advent of Photonic Integration applications, these chips can customized to be flip chip onto through a Silicon Photonics platform, and the out mode mode can be customized to provide maximum coupling efficiency create an external cavity laser.

Product Offering

Product Code Wavelength Bandwidth Form Factor Temperature Current Length Coating ASE Power Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-GC55401BC-01-100 1520 ~ 1580 nm ≥10 nm CoS 25°C Typ 350 mA 1000 um HR-AR ≥30 mW
DL-GC55045BC-02-100 1510 ~ 1590 nm ≥15 nm CoS 25°C Typ 350 mA 1000 um 10%-AR ≥20 mW
DL-GC55205AC-01-060 1510 ~ 1590 nm ≥30 nm CoS 25°C Typ 180 mA 600 um HR-AR ≥10 mW
DL-GC55026BC-02-060 1510 ~ 1590 nm ≥20 nm CoS 25°C Typ 180 mA 600 um 10%-AR ≥1 mW
DL-GC57103D-110-01-50-0 1550 ~ 1590 nm ≥30 nm Die 50°C Typ 200 mA 1000 um HR-AR >10 mW

Features & Performance:

  • High optical gain in C-band
  • Optical coating of HR/AR on facets
  • Angled front facet for back-reflection suppression
  • Excellent beam divergence for coupling to fiber
  • P-side up assembly electrode configuration
  • Designed as laser gain source for external cavity laser system
  • Customizable for Silicon Photonics application


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