High Power CW Lasers

DenseLight’s range of CW lasers offers customers platform agnostic solutions, whether it is the traditional gold box based transceivers or for customers wanting to bond the laser source onto Silicon Photonics platforms to customers who want to mount the lasers on to Laser Micro Packages. Designed and grown at our Wafer Fab in Singapore these proprietary InP based MQW CW lasers come in both Ridge based and BH versions.

Having our own FAB enables to customize these devices – from higher operating temperatures, to customizing it for Silicon Photonics applications (enabling Flip chip and incorporating MFAs for efficient coupling).

Product Offering

Product Code Center Wavelength Min Power Package Option Operating Temp Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-DFB31020D 1310 nm 20 mW Chip 85°C
DL-DFB27140D 1271 nm 40 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB29140D 1291 nm 40 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB31140D 1311 nm 40 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB33140D 1331 nm 40 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB27170D 1271 nm 70 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB29170D 1291 nm 70 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB31170D 1311 nm 70 mW Chip 75°C
DL-DFB33170D 1331 nm 70 mW Chip 75°C

Features & Performance:

  • Output power up to 70mW @ 75°C
  • Both Ridge & BH versions available
  • SMSR > 30dB – CWDM 4 range available
  • Tuned for CW transmission, customizable for SiP platform




  • 400G/800G
  • Datacenter Interconnects
  • Silicon Photonics Optical Engines
  • COBO

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