Narrow Linewidth Laser

DenseLight DL-CLS series is a cooled narrow linewidth laser in 14-pin BTF/DIL package with a single frequency emission. The DL-CLS laser family is based on proprietary external cavity laser design utilizing a built-in fiber

Bragg grating, offering very stable performance of lasing wavelength, narrow spectral linewidth and excellent SMSR.

The as-built lasing wavelength can be  specified precisely to 1nm. The device can directly intensity modulated up to 622MBPS.  Typical output power is up to 10mW CW, with Pulse Power up to 50mW.

Product Offering

Product Code Peak Wavelength Min Power Operating Condition Typical Spectrum Linewidth SMSR Packaging Options Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-CLS101B-FP-S1550-LW100 1550 nm 10 mW CW <100 kHz 45 dB BTF
DL-CLS101B-FP-S1550-LW200 1550 nm 10 mW CW <200 kHz 45 dB BTF

* For other wavelengths or more power, please contact us for more information.


Typical linewidth can be narrowed down to Ultra-Narrow Linewidth < 5KHz when using Integrated InfraRed Light Module (I2LM) BF-series with high precision laser driver and temperature controller. Further precision wavelength (DOWN TO PICOMETER RANGE) CAN BE ACHIEVED THROUGH TUNING THE INTERNAL TEMPERATURE OR DRIVE CURRENT.


Features & Performance:

• Typical Narrow Linewidth < 200KHz (Coherence length>0.5km)
• 6 product families available (1260nm,1383nm,1550nm,1648nm, 1653nm and1665nm)
• High power: CW up to 10mW, Pulse up to 50mW (10μs Pulse Width, 1% Duty cycle)
• Excellent RIN< -140 dB/Hz (for power >10mW)
• Excellent typical SMSR: 50 dB
• Wavelength stability: ±1 pm
• Typical PER: 18 dB
• Direct Intensity Modulation up to 622Mbps
• Telcordia qualified (GR-468-CORE)



  • Distributed temperature sensing (DTSS by B-OTDR)
  • Gas/chemical (e.g. methane) sensing and moisture detection
  • Fiber Laser seeding for LIDAR
  • Out-of-band Live OTDR
  • Microwave generation by beat- note signal

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