Narrow Linewidth Laser with Driver

High Performance Constellation – BF9C series

Constellation Series – Single Frequency Narrow Line Width Lasers


The DL-BF9C Constellation product series uses DenseLight’s proprietary 14-pin butterfly package manufacturing process, enabling improved performance of the external cavity laser to give high PER performance, high stability line width, low RIN < -155 dB/Hz & low phase noise performance.

This series features a narrow linewidth of <50Khz, & <200 Khz. option & a minimum output power of 10 mW. The Constellation ILM is suitable for embedded designs or standalone uses in a wide range of communication and sensing application. When using the Constellation series, the fiber optic systems will operate at a premium performance level


Product Offering

Product Code Peak Wavelength Min Power Operating Condition Typical Spectrum Linewidth SMSR Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-BF9C-CLS101B-FP-S1550-LW050 1550 nm 10 mW CW <50 kHz 45 dB
DL-BF9C-CLS101B-FP-S1550-LW100 1550 nm 10 mW CW <100 kHz 45 dB
DL-BF9C-CLS101B-FP-S1550-LW200 1550 nm 10 mW CW <200 kHz 45 dB

For other wavelengths or higher power, please contact us for more information.

Features & Performance:



  • Ultra-Narrow Linewidth < 50Khz & < 200Khz options.
  • Excellent RIN < -155 dB/Hz
  • High Frequency stability within ±1pm after 15 minutes warm-up
  • Excellent Typical SMSR
  • Typical PER > 18dB (For PMF Option)
  • CW > 10mW
  • Mode-Hop-Free over 0°C to 50°C
  • Integrated optical isolator, Proprietary Laser Driver and temperature controller
  • Over-temperature protection and internal PCB temperature monitor


Physical & Mechanical Specification

Dimension:                      L120 x W93 x H36.5 mm

Enclosure:                        Metal Case

Cooling:                            Air-Cooled

Optical Output:               Receptacle

Connector Type:              FC/APC

Electronic Interface:      8-pin terminal block

Power Supply:                 5V DC



  • Distributed temperature sensing (DTSS by B-OTDR)
  • Gas/chemical (e.g. methane) sensing and moisture detection
  • Fiber Laser seeding for LIDAR
  • Out-of-band Live OTDR
  • Microwave generation by beat- note signal

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