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DenseLight is a leading Global Manufacturer for “Platform Agnostic” Laser and Broadband Light Sources.

  • We provide one-stop design and manufacturing solutions, ranging from Integrated Photonics Platforms, design and simulation, epitaxial growth, wafer fabrication, chip production, in-line optical coating, sub-mounting, photonics measurements to product tests and screening.
  • Our technology and development business processes enable us to work with companies at various stages of their product lifecycle. We become embedded partners in projects, delivering on-time value solutions that are faster and cost competitive for photonics applications.
  • Engineering, Testing and Manufacturing are housed in a 15,000 sq. ft. clean room that features fully equipped vertically integrated volume manufacturing from wafer fabrication to test and packaging. DenseLight processes Indium Phosphide (InP) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) based optoelectronic devices and photonics integrated circuits there.


A company that provide one-stop design and manufacturing of Optoelectronics Devices and integrated photonics solutions

110 Passionate Women and Men

11 nationalities, 2 sites, 1 Global R&D

150+ customers in 26 countries

Communications, Biomedical, Instrumentation, Industrial, Defence and Security, Datacom

10 Business Partners

Supply Chain, Regional distribution, Solution Provider

Our History




First InP Photonics Chip


Telecordia Compliant SLED


1st G.984 Compliant GPON ONU TRX


Narrow Linewidth Laser


Delivered DARPA Project [POC Target Imaging SLED)


Delivered DARPA Project [POC True Time Delay InP chip)


Delivered DSO Project (Proto Field FSO TRX)


Delivered DSO Project (Qualified FOG-IMU)


Acquired by POET Technologies


New Local Leadership, to expand globally, privatised 2019


DenseLight expands capacity with additional MOCVD

Mission & Vision


To be a global leader in providing innovative integrated photonics solutions that enable our customers to excel and win in the Sensing & Data Communications markets.


Powering Your Future Through Light

Our Management

  • Julian Lee
    Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

    Julian has over 30 years working experience in investment banking and telecommunications media industry. From 2001 to 2005, he was the Vice President of Finance of Taiwan Telecom Group, Chief Financial Officer of Chia Tai (Indonesia ) Telecom. Prior to that from 1987 to 2000, Chemical Bank, Bankers Trust, New York and AIG Financial Products, Hong Kong.

    He has a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Information Systems from Dartmouth College; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from National Taiwan University.

  • Dr. Lam Yee-Loy
    Chief Technology Officer / Chief Operations Officer

    Dr. Lam received his B.Eng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (First Class Honors) and his MSc in Industrial Engineering from the National University of Singapore., and his MSE and Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Michigan, USA.

    In 1985, he began his career with the Singapore unit of a UK-based multinational company in developing building automation products and subsequently establishing its manufacturing operations. From year 1990 to 2000, he was a professor in the School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Notable appointments in the University included Head of Microelectronics Division, Principal Staff Officer to the University’s President, and member of the NTU Council (University’s Board of Governors).

    In Year 2000, he led the founding of DenseLight Semiconductors and raised a US$31.2 million VC Round from 3i-PLC (to establish a InP Optoelectronics Wafer Fab), and subsequently in 2003-2004 (despite negative market sentiment post 2002 photonics-crash) he raised US$8.6M to realize self-sustaining business operations by 2005 with revenue from products and services for its photonics sensing and test customers. He continued to serve as DenseLight CTO after the company was acquired by POET Technologies in May 2016.

    Dr. Lam’s area of technical expertise is in optoelectronics, fiber-optics sensors, and photonics systems applications, and has contributed to some 300 publications and 60 patents. For the past 25 years, he has been a significant participant in a number of key initiatives to promote the growth of photonics-related research and industrial development in Singapore; and he is still doing so today.

  • Norman Liu
    Chief Financial Officer

    Norman has over 25 years of banking and manufacturing experience. He was auditor of Hsinchu International Commercial Bank , Coretronic photoelectric, PEWC lithium battery, Chief Financial Officer of iST semiconductor (Great China).

    He graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting, Taiwan Fujen University.

  • Dr. Andy Piper
    Senior Vice President, Global Business Development

    Dr. Andy Piper has over 20 years of industrial and research experience in photonics. Until recently, he was the Senior Vice President of New Product development leading Denselight’s R&D team to develop new datacom, telecom and sensing products. He is currently the Senior Vice President of Global Business Development, spearheading Denselights’ drive to develop and grow their current and new strategic key business accounts. Previously, Andy held the position of CTO for iLuma Photonics (Shenzhen, China) and consulted for various companies in Europe and Asia for the development of their high power pulsed fiber laser products. He was also instrumental in the development of SPI Lasers’ (UK) Ltd (now part of the Trumpf Group) pulsed fiber laser products. He holds a PhD in Optoelectronics from the Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) at the University of Southampton, UK.

  • Bryan K Patmon
    Vice President, Sales & Marketing

    Bryan has more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry. He held numerous executive positions in companies spanning from semiconductor, sensing, and photonics industry, with a strong emphasis on Thermal Detection, MEMS, and Photonics. He holds 3 patents in the field of MEMS and facilitated packaging design for zero gradient package design for thermopile sensors. Many years of experience in Sales & Marketing of Photonics products.

    He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University.

  • Chivukula Subrahmanyam
    Vice President, Engineering

    Subbu has had multi faceted experience in developing customised solutions, technology development to qualification and successful product ramps. He has over 30 years of Semiconductor experience with 25 years in Foundry Engineering including Global Foundries, where he was a senior Director responsible for Process Integration & Product Engineering. His career covered multiple tech nodes and platforms – Logic, HV, NVM, RF SOI & Silicon Photonics. He brings to us organisational and technical leadership with the ability to deliver value to the company and to customer alike. He is well versed with technology, Operations, Customer management, Business processes and Quality systems.

    Subbu holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Physics from IIT Kharagpur, as well as a Masters Degree in Physics from University of Hyderabad. He holds 11 US patents and has published papers in technical journals.

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