Broadband Light Set (SLED)

Denselight offers proprietary matching of our SLEDs, to produce a multi-product combination, which combines a single spatial mode, across a broad spectrum for both sensing or telecom applications that require a broadband spectrum

With a total output power up to 50 mW, that covers a range of from 1250 nm to 1700 nm, the Denselight SLED offering provides unparalleled flexibility, value and versatility, for those customers who need quick agile alternatives for drop in IR Light sources, to fulfill spectrum needs.

The Denselight Light Source family, provides the required spectral stability, and total output power stability required for both application specific, and specific spectral regions of interest. Our Light Source Family of SLED’s also provides the necessary Spectral Power Density as a key attribute, required for sensing applications and telecom uses which may or may not have polarization dependencies.


Product Description

Multiple Light Source Matching in One Broad Band Source – For multiple wavelength testing, our Dual (2) to Six (6) SLED combinations cover all the major network bands, which enables accurate characterization of fiber links and their passive   components, with a very cost-effective test set up.  Use our 1300nm/1500nm source for most major passive components; Isolators, Couplers

SLED Light Sources Choice Selection for Component testing – DenseLight’s diverse SLED line of products offers enough variety of choice in power selection along with spectral symmetry. You can efficiently qualify your components during your systems & components development and perform Pass/Fail testing during production.

High Spectral Density Stability – High spectral density stability is essential to ensure that the test setup provide accurate measurements. The more stable the spectrum, the less often a reference trace has to be acquired

Features & Performance:

  • Single SLED: 1275nm, 1310nm, 1440nm, 1530nm, 1550nm, 1600nm, 1620nm, 1650nm
  • Dual SLED Combinations: 1230-1400nm, 1450- 1670nm. (other wavelengths available upon request



  • Broadband Fiber-Coupled Light Sources for Spectroscopy,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Test & measurements,
  • Component testing.

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