Our gain chip provides high optical gain in the C-band, L-band and O-band wavelength ranges. The gain chip acts as the laser gain source in the external cavity laser system and is mounted on the submount in chip form. The gain chip has a high reflectivity (HR) or low reflectivity (LR) coating on one end face and an anti-reflection (AR) coating on the other sloped end face.

The gain chips are designed and produced in our fabs. We are able to customize flip-chip gain chips for silicon photonics platform or other optical platforms, and provide further output modes and output coating optimizations for maximum coupling efficiency. These custom designs and optimizations improve the integration of photonic systems and help customers achieve high-power, narrow linewidth, and low-cost external cavity lasers.

For external cavity tunable laser components used in coherent ITLA applications, DenseLight has introduced high gain and broadband gain chips, using LR-AR coating or HR-AR coating, P-side down design, providing low ASE ripple.


Product Description

  • LR-AR products*
  • ASE Centre wavelength 1540 – 1560 nm
  • ASE bandwidth: >45 nm
  • ASE ripple: <0.5 dB
  • ASE optical output power: <0.5 mW
  • Polarization extinction ratio > 20 dB



Product Selection

Product Code
Centre Wavelength*
Product Type*
Form Factor
Operating Temperature
Typical Operating Current
Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-GC55014C-310-02-45-3 1520 ~ 1580 nm HR-AR CoS 25°C Typ 350 mA

Features & Performance:

  • Various luminous power specification
  • Higher luminous efficiency
  • RoHS compliant
  • Reliability according to GR-468



  • External cavity laser ECL
  • Coherent Communications ITLA
  • Data Centre Interconnect

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