Coherent Communications

As the demand for data through put increases multi-fold and over longer distances, there is an increasing demand for coherent optics transceivers. While the initial focus of coherent communication was higher data-rates at longer distances, there a movement towards 100G data rate transceivers.


At the heart of the coherent optics system is the ITLA (integratable tunable laser assembly). An ITLA requires a Gain Chip to generate the coherent laser source and SOA to amplify the signal. DenseLight has been manufacturing gain chips for its own Narrow Line Width Lasers. We added the SOA to our portfolio to enable customer solutions, and with our own wafer fab, we can customize solutions. Our DPHI(TM) technology allows customers to get optical engines, without having to worry the assembly process.

Left table: Coherent Applications – Trending to the Edge
Right table: – White Paper: Testing Coherent Pugglable Optics


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