Distributed Feedback Laser (Gas Sensing)

Accuracy and real-time detection of methane gas is very important, which is used in many scenarios, including natural gas pipeline leakage monitoring, household safety and coal mining safety production monitoring.

DenseLight 1653.7 nm DFB laser is widely used in applications where accurate measurement of methane is required. By adjusting the temperature and driver current of the DFB laser device, methane concentration can be detected in real time and on line, providing the advantages of extra full concentration detection range, high accuracy and good selectivity.

Our 1653.7nm DFB laser assembly allows easy integration into commercially available methane gas sensors for our customers

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DL-DFB65310A 1653 nm 14 Pin BTF
DL-DFB65404T-C-S 1653 nm TO-60
DL-DFB65310A 1653 nm Die

Features & Performance:

The DL-DFB1653 series is an InGaAsP-based distributed feedback laser series available in pigtailed packages with aspheric or spherical lenses. Gas sensors with 1653.7nm wavelength of TO can and chip type are available. These devices are optimized for communications, test and measurement, and photonic sensing applications (gases).


  • OTDR
  • Gas Sensing
  • Biomedical Sensing
  • Telecommunications

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