Distributed Feed Back Laser (DFB) – 16xx nm DFB

The DL-DFB6XXXX series is an InGaAsP based distributed feedback laser series in available in a TO package, with an aspherical or ball lens. 1653nm wavelength for gas sensing is available in TO & chip form.


These devices have been optimized for telecommunication, test & measurements as well as photonic sensing applications (gas).


Product Offering

Product Code
Center Wavelength
Min Power
Package Option
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DL-DFB65003T-A 1650 nm 3 mW TO-56
DL-DFB62503T-A 1625 nm 3 mW TO-56
DL-DFB61003T-A 1610 nm 3 mW TO-56

Features & Performance:

  • Uncooled 16xxnm DFB laser
  • Operating temperature from -5C to 70C
  • 1653nm selection for Methane Gas Sensing
  • Optical output min. 3mW (TO)



  • OTDR
  • Photonic Sensing (gas)
  • Biomedical Sensing
  • Telecommunication


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