Gas Sensing

Accurate and real-time detection of methane gas becomes critical for natural gas pipelines leakage monitoring, household safety and coal mining safety production monitoring.


DenseLight’s 1653.7 nm DFB Lasers are used extensively for high sensitivity methane detection in the applications where the amount of methane needs to be exactly measured. By tuning temperature and driver current of the DFB laser device, real-time and online detection of methane concentration could be realized, providing additional advantages of full concentration detection range, high precision, good selectivity, immunity to other gases and long calibration cycle.


DenseLight supplies 1653.7 nm DFB laser devices in TO-can for customers to integrate with ease to make commercialized methane gas sensors. With DenseLight’s packing knowledge, other packaging types could be customized upon request.


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DenseLight's Solutions for Gas Sensing

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