DenseLight Semiconductors has a family of high power CW DFB lasers which provides customers with a platform agnostic solution, whether they are traditional gold box-based transceivers manufacturer, or customers who want to incorporate a laser source onto a silicon optical platform, or customers who want to mount a laser onto a laser micro package.

High power CW DFB lasers, InP-based multi-quantum-well (MQW) continuous-wave DFB lasers, are designed and manufactured in our own fabs.

DenseLight also offers customized high power CWDFB lasers to support higher operating temperatures, as well as flip-chip customization. Flip chip customization applied to silicon optical platforms provides optimization in combination with MFA to achieve efficient coupling.


Product Description

  • Luminous power 50 mW and 70 mW *
  • Centre wavelength 1271/1291/1311/1331nm
  • Operating temperature range, uncooled – 5 ~ 75 ℃
  • SMSR > 35dB


* For higher output optical power, and silicon optical customization products, please contact the sales team



Product Selection

Product Code
Form Factor
Operating Temperature
Typical Operating Current
Datasheet Enquiry Cart
DL-DFB31050D-75-85E 1311 nm 50 mW Die -5~75℃ 210 mA
DL-DFB31070D-75-85E 1311 nm 70 mW Die -5~75℃ 280 mA

Features & Performance

  • Various luminous power specification
  • Higher luminous efficiency
  • RoHS compliant
  • Reliability according to GR-468




  • Ethernet/Data Centre Interconnect
  • 400G/800G Optical Module Based on Silicon Photonics
  • Optical engine based on silicon photonics
  • CPO application

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