As we move towards Industry 4.0, and implementing the Internet of Things, there is a need to to get more, for less:
More sensing point, higher port densities, higher speed and connectivity for less cost, energy consumption, smaller footprint and shorter time to market.


With it’s own fab and a team of over 100 technologies in Singapore, DenseLight is a key driver on both sides of the equation. On one side DenseLight is working with customers to develop smaller sensors, that enables a higher number sensors per unit area. Then large amounts of data from these sensors will need to be transported. With the advent of 5G, DenseLight is working with transceiver designers to deliver light sources that allow higher data throughput.


At the heart of all this is our DPHI(TM) technology. Our fab allows us to customize our light sources, and in tandem with with our partners, we can deliver SiP based optical engines. These engines enable faster time to market, since customers don’t have to talk to multiple vendors, and can leverage off the processes we have developed with our partners.



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