Our Products

DenseLight makes use of cutting edge optical and photonics technology to design and manufacture SLEDs and other laser products. These products are key components in diverse applications that will pave the way to revolutionizing the technology of the future

1.1 ASE Broadband Light Source + Driver

1.2 Broadband Light Set

1.3 Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB)

1.5 Fabry Perot Laser (FP)

1.6 Gas Sensing

1.7 Narrow Linewidth Laser

1.8 Narrow Linewidth Laser + Driver

1.9 SLED Modules

1.10 SLED with Drivers

1.11 25G DML

1.12 High Power CW Lasers

1.13 SOA

1.15 Low DOP SLED

1.4 Uncooled Edge- Emitting LEDs (ELED) Modules

1.14 Gain Chip

1.14 DL-GC55026BC-02-060

1.14 DL-GC57103D-110-01-50-0

1.9 DL-CS5169A

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