Day of Photonics 2021 @ DenseLight

16 November 2022


DAY OF PHOTONICS is an annual event that promotes “photonics” towards the general public. Companies, research organizations, and organizations involved in photonics reach out to their communities to raise awareness about what is photonics and why it is important, and promote the role of their organization in the photonics ecosystem and value chain.


Photonics is a Key Enabling Technology, together let’s make sure the world understands the significance and relevance of the photonics industry! Activities are organized in more than 30 countries around the world and encompass all kinds of demonstrations on the impact of photonics on our day-to-day life. Photonics technologies include: LED lighting, Photovoltaic solar energy, Photonics Integrated Circuits, Optical components, Lasers, Sensors, Imaging, Displays, Projectors, Optic fiber, and other photonic related technologies which find applications in health, security, agriculture, food, communication, transportation, … The activities are self-organized on a voluntary basis, in all regions of the world.



Our DenseLight team is proud to show our support for this cause and take part by having our own Awareness & Giveaway campaign in the company. The pandemic had undoubtedly made it very difficult for us to gather, have activities and bond as a company. Just more than a week ago was World’s Mental Health Day which highlights the importance of our mental well-being which has been compromised – in ways such as the work we do, interaction with colleagues, learning new skills etc. Therefore, we choose keep our celebration simple and focus on what matters to us.


We took the opportunity to share interesting videos to our staff on DAY OF PHOTONICS website as well. This gives a greater meaning to our work and for us to look forward to the Future of Photonics.


Our 2nd Core Value – Commitment to You is important to us in the sense that we respect each other and value every employee’s contribution. Collaboration as a team is our motto and we celebrate small and big wins with appreciation. Therefore, we would also like to take this opportunity to gift our staff with these new DenseLight mugs to show our appreciation as well as to come together as one and cheers to the Day of Photonics with our favorite coffee, tea or beverages.


We are thrilled to be part of this celebration along side with many of the companies from the rest of the world.

Read more on Day Of Photonics here!


DAY OF PHOTONICS disseminates “photonics” towards the general public. It is an initiative of EPIC, the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the eld of photonics. EPIC fosters a vibrant photonics ecosystem by maintaining a strong network and acting as a catalyst and facilitator for technological and commercial advancement.


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