Quality Week 2022

16 November 2022

Our first core value is about having a Customer First Mindset. It refers to providing them with superior innovative products and continuously improve their quality that will in turn see us win in our end markets. 

This is what Quality Week is mainly about and if you ask 5 different people what the definition of Quality is, you will likely get 5 different answers. We engaged our staff to brainstorm on what it meant and how each and every role is important for that.

From 6th to 10th June, we see a week of programs which started from opening remarks from Chivukula Subrahmanyam – our VP of Engineering. The program was supported by a committee formed from different departments who co-organized:

  • Poster Design Contest
  • Quality Mindset & Improvement Feedback & Suggestions
  • Adherence to the 5S + Safety methodology in workplace



Quality week then concluded with closing remarks from Dr Lam Yee-Loy – our Chief Technology Officer / Chief Operations Officer as well as announcement of Winners and Award Presentation.

We hope to emphasize that ensuring and delivering Quality products is important to us. To sum it up, please watch the video and share with us on your thoughts.


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